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0Exi Cooling Towers & ventilation

A cooling tower utilizes the evaporation of the cooling liquid to dissipate heat. Generally, a cooling tower has nozzles that let the cooling liquid fall into open air. The liquid is released at the top of the tower and cascades down across a series of ventilated shelves. A fan at the top of the tower draws fresh air through the ventilated shelves and across the falling water. The air cools the liquid, which is then collected, filtered, and returned to the delivery system to gather more heat.

Cooling towers, air cooled heat exchangers and ventilation systems have common components that are made in intrinsically safe (i.e. spark- and explosion-proof) design.

A motor, a gearbox, rotor bearing assemblies, condition of couplings and universal joints — all this equipment and components require vibration monitoring to avoid emergency stops.

-      For the monitoring, a general RMS level of each component should be controlled;

-      To monitor development of defects, it is recommended to use a real-time system;

-      To estimate a residual life  of each component, it is recommended to use in production a VIC-PRO performance diagnostics system with a function of automatic expert diagnostics of components.

Standard solutions for this equipment are offered in a standard design suitable for specific production requirements — a category does not matter.

All data on metal fatigue, wear and residual life of pipelines and bearing assemblies is shown to the operators on the common control panel and on each workstation individually.



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