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0Exi Pumps, gears & motors

A motor, a gearbox, condition of impellers, rotor bearing assemblies, condition of couplings and universal joints — all this equipment and components require vibration monitoring to avoid emergency stops.

A pump is a device that moves a gas or liquid from one area to another. This can be done by accelerating the liquid using centrifugal forces (centrifugal/rotodynamic pumps) or by grabbing a certain amount of liquid and physically pushing it towards where it needs to go (positive displacement pumps).

Pumps are perhaps the most widely used mechanical devices and their designs vary as much as their applications.

Special Case - Pumps with Journal Bearings
Journal bearings use a layer of oil to isolate the shaft from the bearing.

Therefore, the shaft is actually floating on a cushion of oil and has no contact with any other metal. Because of the oil layer, a vibration signal produced by the shaft does not have a path to travel to the machine casing.

That means that only seismic sensor placed on the case of the pump cannot properly sense what is going on with the shaft.

In oil and gas industry  (extraction and processing), pumps, turbines and gearboxes are the main type of dynamic equipment that is the most predominant (in terms of quantity)  in production sites.

-      For the monitoring, a general RMS level of each component should be controlled;

-      To monitor development of defects, it is recommended to use a real-time system;

-      To estimate a residual life of each component, it is recommended to use in production a VIC-PRO performance diagnostics system with a function of automatic expert diagnostics of components (monitoring of load, differential pressure, monitoring of pressure pulsation and medium cavitation, temperature and parameters of lubricant, monitoring shaft beat with the description of the orbits).

Standard solutions for this equipment are offered in a standard design suitable for specific production requirements — a category does not matter.

All data on metal fatigue, wear and residual life of pipelines, monitoring of reference position + vibration of supports and bearing assemblies is shown to the operators on the common control panel and on each workstation individually in a user-friendly and visually clear way.

The main work criterion of the performance diagnostics system is displaying a calculated value of a component's residual life and a transfer to the condition-based maintenance.


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