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0Exi Reciprocating Compressors

Reciprocating compressors are unique pieces of equipment as they contain active components that are moving in rotary as well as linear directions. They also play a vital role in any process that they are employed in.Therefore, a reciprocating compressor’s health must be monitored doing more than just following the usual vibration monitoring rules.

The majority of applications for reciprocating compressors are in the oil and gas industries. Oil refineries use these compressors for processes that require high pressure delivery of essential gases. The natural gas industry also utilizes reciprocating compressors to transport gas via cross country pipelines. These compressors can also be found in chemical plants, refrigeration plants, or air compressors for tooling.

We can offer a maximum solution that covers 100% of problems of reciprocating and screw type machines, but, as a rule, it is the Customer who can point out the problems to be monitored. Still, a standard version of the VIC-PRO system already has the solutions for diagnosis and estimation of components' life time, and — at the request of the Customer — they can be either included in the diagnostics or excluded from it (if an operator has access to this):

-      shaft beat

-      efficiency of each cylinder

-      crosshead

-      unfastening of housing components

-      imbalance of rotating masses

-      lubrication system malfunction

-      wear of rings

-      wear of a liner

-      ingress of condensate

-      wear of glands

-      rod bending

-      wear of Babbitt layer

-      clearance increase in 'crosshead/pin' coupling

-      breakdown of springs, plates

-      insufficient leak tightness

-      coupling defects

-      defects of tooth gears

-      misalignment of shafts

etc. — everything that may be related to problems with piston and screw compressors.


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