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Non-contact Length & Speed measurement

VIC_SL (Speed & Length) system is designed to monitor the length of each product roll sent to the warehouse and to keep records of the difference between the roll length on the pope reel and the slitter-winder. The system is adjusted to monitor paper web only (with an accuracy up to ±0.01%). Therefore, the calculations used for shipments later on will not be influenced by an error in the measuring instruments installed on the rolls of a pope reel and a slitter-winder.

Application of VIC_Jet and VIC_SL systems:

Installation position

Project target

Project result

Recommended system

Headbox and PM

To increase product quality (improve formation, mechanical and other properties of paper)

Discharge CD profile monitoring and a possibility of its control in real time

VIC_Jet System

Drive rolls / paper machine clothing

Slippage monitoring (e.g., for sack/micro-crepe papers)

Possibility to keep wire tension at a minimum level without slippage of drive rolls or cylinders

VIC_SL System

Multiwire PM forming section

Wire speed ratio control

Product quality enhancement.

VIC_SL System

Pope reel and slitter-winder

Well-reasoned replies to customer claims and data for the in-house department keeping the records of the manufactured products (for instance, banknote paper accounting!)

Exact and documented quantity control of products manufactured and sent to the warehouse.

VIC_SL System

Creping doctor (tissue)

Problems with creping

Monitoring and keeping a stable creping level

VIC_SL System

Coating machines and many other systems

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