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PM, BM, corrugator, drying machine

Performance Diagnostics and Frequency Synchronous Online Analysis:

Damage reports that indicate the main reason of the damages and help in optimizing the equipment operation and its application. The calculation algorithms make it possible to backtrace the defect development starting from its reason, as the system automatically saves the equipment state trends, both temporal and warning. This is also true for external impacts on the monitored equipment, such as excessive tension of the PM clothing, increased temperature, excessive pressure etc.

Besides the signals coming from vibration sensors, such necessary additional values as tension, current load, flow, oil quality, stock pressure pulsation/cavitation, formation index, temperature, consistency, vibration level of adjacent equipment etc. are monitored.

Performance Diagnostics of Operating Conditions:

-      allows switching from a scheduled maintenance during planned shutdowns to a condition-based maintenance (also based on statistics of the system implementation and the results of its operation)

-      ability to monitor equipment under the hood and in hazardous areas

-      reduction of expenses for the technical maintenance and personnel optimization while improving their efficiency

-      guaranteed quality of component state diagnosis

-      accident rate is reduced down to 0% (this is confirmed by statistical data)

-      no need to freeze money for the spares in inventory

Continuous Online Diagnostics and Monitoring:

-      is a good basis for the development of a strategy of technical maintenance and observation over the running conditions. Built-in analysis — based on the diagnostic characteristics of the defects — detects equipment faults on the early stage of their appearance. This allows to avoid unexpected outages and plan maintenance in advance.

Thanks to timely identification of the reasons of bearings failure, disbalance, misalignment or stock pressure pulsation/cavitation, the system carries out a differentiated evaluation of mechanical loads and the reasons of increased vibration, barring, loss of orbits and loss of geometry.

Data in the form of binary signals may be transmitted to a higher level systems using OPC (Open Platform Communications) data exchange standard.


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