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With each customer, we have negotiations — which may take quite a long time —  to approve the appearance of the system in each window, right down to color hue. Sometimes it takes up to 40-60 visits for discussions and approvals. Still, we have ready templates for tissue machines, both in terms of PM arrangement and the functionality and options. Now all we need from the customer to make a quotation is a general PM layout. This shortens the time for finalization of the offer and reduces the cost of the project.

Experience has proven that:

-      it takes 2-3 days to prepare a quotation for such a project, with a detailed specification and a bill of materials.

-      lead time from contract signing to equipment shipment of the complete performance diagnostics system is max. 5 weeks

-      installation on the stopped PM (during a scheduled maintenance) takes max. 8 hours

-      commissioning takes about 2-3 days (on running PM)

-      5 days are needed for on-site training of operating and maintenance personnel

-      a second 1-day visit is needed for checking the collected parameters and an additional personnel training

All in all, from a request for quotation to the commissioning, it takes not more than 7 weeks!


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