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Gypsum wallboard

A plasterboard production line is equipped with a range of dynamic equipment with different frequency characteristics. For example, in the gypsum molding and pressing part of the machine, the rotation speed is 5-11 rpm, at board grinding line it's 1000-1700 rpm, while fans rotates at 1500-3000 rpm.

A real-time stationary system is installed to monitor the development of defects in bearing assemblies, the state of pulleys, the geometry and wobble, and sticking on fan impellers.

This ensures the following advantages:

-      The customer has a perfect knowledge of the level of development of each possible defect or a possibility of emergency line stop in response to a signal from the system (this can be done automatically).

-      Spares are ordered and repair work are prepared in advance, without useless storage of spares at the mill's warehouse

An industrial line is repaired and maintained without scheduled maintenance, only based on actual technical state.


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