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Nip force measurement

Measuring specific pressure of rolls in the press section of a PM is the most important part of a general survey.

The results of this work provide the basis for fault clearance and optimization of pressing process in the nip.

Measurement is carried out on a stopped PM on the drive side and tending side at the same time, and the results are converted into linear load values (kN/m).

Simultaneously with measuring the load in the nip between the rolls, the pressure is measured in pneumatic / hydraulic line.



The results of PM pressure section survey are as follows:

-      as the scope of work usually includes not only measurement but a check-up of mechanical condition of components, the Customer gets either a solved problem or detailed recommendations on its resolution.

-      completed calibrations of the hydraulic / pneumatic system providing the load in all positions of PM's press section.

-      indication of faulty components or components that must be replaced / repaired / overhauled.

Also, VIC-PRO offers a stationary system for measuring load in real time (TS-DS) as an option for the stationary functional diagnostics system.


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