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PM approach flow survey

VIC-PRO offers a survey of the approach flow system. Main purpose of the survey is finding the sources of process disturbances generating such issues as excessive basis weight, ash content variations and web thickness variations. Result of the survey is generally a more stable process, hence improved paper quality.

Unstable pressure in the short circulation is a source of profile variations, so survey results are based not only on measurements before the headbox (approach flow equipment and piping), but also on measurements done right after the headbox and in the wet part elements up to the couch roll.

Analysis of this information helps to understand the influence of approach flow equipment on the formation quality and mechanical properties of the paper web in CD and MD before it comes to the press and drying sections.

Scope of the approach flow system survey:

  • Pressure pulsations measurement;
  • Consistency variations measurement;
  • Rotation speed variations measurement;
  • Vibration diagnostics of the equipment;
  • Monitoring of low frequency autovibrating processes produced by control system;
  • Precise measurement of the jet pulsations and CD jet profile;
  • Deaeration level in headbox and at the headbox inlet;
  • In real time: estimating the influence of the approach flow equipment, headbox and wet end elements on the paper web quality before press section, before drying section and at reel;
  • Measuring moisture and temperature profiles before the press section;
  • Full technical report with recommendations ranked by priority;

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