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Training and seminars

Workshops cover all types of diagnostic systems and issues related to their application – from simple to complex ones.  We  effectively  combine two parts of the subject –  study of technical features  and practical cases review .
VIC-PRO  workshop material and format  incorporate over 20 years of experience of our specialists, who being professional educators address the most exceptional and untrivial  demands and questions set by our customers.
All workshops are structured  to reach the following aims:
  • Optimal  composition of participants and experts for best interaction (one expert works with a group of 7-10 people)
  • Discussion of the most actual and interesting topics for each participant relied on vast practical experience and comprehensive laboratory equipment
Seminar are held for specialists in the following industries:
-specialised seminar for oil and gas industry (extraction and processing)
- specialised seminar for pulp and paper  industry, production of corrugated grades, printing industry, production of fiberglass fabrics, film, etc.)
-specialised seminar for electric power sector (hydro-electric power plants, thermal power stations, regional hydro-electric power plants, pumped storage power stations, wind-driven turbines)
- specialised seminar for aircraft engineering
- specialised seminar for builders and restoration specialists
- general workshop  on rotating and reciprocating machinery

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