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ТАРIO® paper testing

TAPIO Paper Machine Analysis (PMA) is used to detect and evaluate CD and MD variations in the provided paper samples. It can be done both at the microstructure level for a single sample and as a comparison of several samples located at a distance from one another (in the latter case this distance can reach several thousand meters).

TAPIO analysis is intended for various applications helping to increase PM efficiency and improve end product quality.

Moreover, this analysis helps to identify sources of various process disturbances which can be caused by defective PM components (rolls, felts, wires, screens, pumps, etc.) or by control system issues. VIC-PRO can collect your PM operation data and do the sampling required to implement the TAPIO PMA.

Main points evaluated during the analysis are:

  • CD profile variations
  • MD profile variations
  • Detection of high-frequency oscillations (> 1000 Hz) of the paper quality
  • Printing properties

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