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Vibration diagnostics, adjustment & repair of equipment

Surveys done by VIC-PRO specialists include vibration diagnostics of the entire machines mechanical condition. Such surveys hold a special place within the varied range of diagnostic service provided by VIC-PRO, as they allow detecting the faults at an early stage.

One of the examples of such work is inspecting the paper machine at operating speed as well as with a production increase in view. Normally the job pays back quickly with the savings on spare parts and prevention of problems that can interfere with the PM rebuild process and speed increase.

This allows to:

  • prevent the breakdowns;
  • schedule the required repair to a planned shutdown;
  • reduce repair time thanks to precise localization of the problem;
  • estimate PM speed potential.

Contact us to find:

  • qualified technical specialists;
  • knowledge of the papermaking process and its bottlenecks;
  • dedicated equipment for solving the most demanding tasks

We offer:

  • measuring the entire PM including basement and frames;
  • detecting bottlenecks;
  • suggesting revision/replacement of faulty elements;
  • checking GOST standards compliance;
  • evaluating life potential of the component and measuring after the repair as well;
  • supporting the PM speed-up on mechanical side.

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