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Expert Diagnostics Function

This is a performance diagnostics system, but a system which also takes in consideration the statistical data on the state in different modes.

The parameter monitoring chart is increased to include such parameters as flow, lubrication temperature, radial/axial loads/tension values, data on clearances etc., i.e. 100% all mechanical and process data of the unit.

There is a second redundant data transfer channel on each unit.

Advantages: In addition to positive results and factors described for the performance (functional) diagnostics, the received data must not be rechecked.

There is no influence of a human factor.

The system outputs a ready diagnosis + guidelines for actions; it forms a report and sends it to a person in charge + upon agreement, sends a list of necessary spares to be bought to the purchasing department or potential suppliers, outputs data for calculations related to necessary work.

Disadvantages: there are no minuses except for the fact it takes a lot of time to make measurements and agree everything at the customer's site.


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