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Vibro for the control system

Current condition monitoring system (GOST 20911-89):
The system is designed to control technical condition of a specific unit according to the general level of vibration.
Сontrol implementation is not affected with external factors (i.e. temperature, loads, transition processes and vibration originated at the adjacent unit/machine).
The system displays in visually and digitally the extent to which  the unit or machine is damaged based on the predetermined vibration limit. Vibration level is defined according to the standards (GOST, ISO, VDI) and is characterised with parametres measured by the signal RMS (or by SD in hydraulics or CV).
The user can observe the highest RMS digital value and evaluate how critical is the certain destruction level depending on the indicated threshold values.
Basically the link - sensor+existing PCS serves as vibration switch for machine failure prevention by operator or automatic. 
Advantage: low integration cost and easy adjustment  (sensor price ranges from 5 to 25 thousand RUR) 
Disadvantage: maintenance personnel doesn't receive any substantiation of  the origin and  cause of increased vibration.  In other words the maintenance personnel doesn't have clear understanding which unit they should inspect first to find out the source of general vibration level increase.
The inspection is a shot in the dark and  not necessarily the unit should be the cause of the problem, it may appear for example due to  loosened attachment to the frame/basement, piping defects and  consequently in this case spending time on inspection of the unit itself   will not help  eliminate the issue. 
This is the most popular "blind flight" approach.

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