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Pressure pulsation monitoring system

The headbox is the heart of a paper machine: this is where main parameters predetermining the quality of final products are formed. Process engineers must know the parameters of stock and water supply for dilution in the headbox or headboxes (in case the machine produces multi-layer paper). The flow laminarity in the stock lines influences the quality characteristics of stock discharge, after which processes of formation, pressing and drying will have further impacts on paper web properties.

A stationary system is designed for 24/7 pulsation monitoring in real time. In case of problems after screening and pumps, the system warns the personnel and indicates the place from where the signal on pulsation threshold came from.

The data received from each sensor installed on stock lines are collected and analyzed by the system, and the user gets a ready result of the analysis. This makes it possible to timely react to the changes in the process and carry out preparatory work for repair and adjustment in advance.

Pressure pulsation monitoring brings the following results:

-      Constant monitoring of the whole approach flow equipment operation.

-      Automatic detection of the equipment that has a negative influence on the quality of the process in the stock lines going to the headbox.

-      The system indicates the most probable defect reason (skewness, disbalance, misalignment, unfastening, foreign objects, damage of impeller, equipment running out of operating range etc.).

-      Operators are always aware of a state of the section before the headbox and do not lose time for an inspection of approach flow system's pressure equipment in case of problems with paper web quality.

-      A convenient and clear indication of equipment operation quality ('traffic light') is provided for PM operators, while technical specialists have access to a thorough frequency spectral diagnostics.

-      A remote access to the systems is possible from any computer in the mill's network.

-      During a warranty period, a remote access is arranged for our specialist for mill personnel support and training.


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