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System for real-time vibration control

A distinctive feature of condition monitoring system for PCS consists in independent conversion of time signal in particular ACP/CPU of the system accompanied with transmission of monitoring results either to specific operator panels or detailed view in PCS.

Independent monitoring system can also feature diagnostics function / option. In this case periodically recorded time signal is transformed into FFT or in H-FFT, and diagnostician may explain the cause of unit destruction looking at charasterictics chart and harmonic representation.

As a rule only basic monitoring function is near to real time, while diagnostics and thorough detection of defect cause rely on recorded signal (in timed intervals, from data collector or in manual mode).


Advantage of such an option for diagnostician is that with certain experience it is possible to determine the cause of vibration level increase and to make repair less costly and time consuming.

Disadvantage – experienced diagnosticians should be hired, influence of human factor should be considered (lack of experience, illness, termination of employment/retirement/ death of an engineer).


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